There is still plenty of work to do. 

Ready for a new direction?

With Rotary you have the oppurtunity to use a life's worth of experience to improve your community, and the lives of people worldwide.

The Rotary Clubs of Missoula are looking for retired professionals that can bring either time, treasure or expertise to benefit our club's work.   

  • Network with a group of like minded of individuals. 
  • Better your community with local projects.
  • Plan and organize ways to benefit international causes.

There is no wrong way of being a part of Missoula Rotary. Whether you just want a luncheon every week with others in the community, or want to put your efforts towards a leadership position, there is a place in the Rotary Clubs of Missoula for you. 

Rotary Clubs of Missoula also can be fit into any schedule. Are you early riser? Well the Sunshine Rotary that meets at the Blue Canyon Grill every Wednesday Morning. Need a lunch break? Why not grab lunch with the noon club at the Florence Hotel Downtown, or catch up with the Centennial Group Tuesday nights at Jakers. There is a Rotary Club that can fit your schedule.


Bill Jones

Retired Attorney - Garlington, Lohn & Robinson