Missoula Rotary Clubs make good things happen.

Missoula Rotarians get together once a week, eat and socialize.

We’ve also been known to have dinner parties, wine tastings and poker tournaments.

It’s also true Missoula Rotarians get together at Griz and Osprey games, theatre productions and concerts.

But its not all eating, drinking, socializing and networking; the Rotary Clubs of Missoula make an impact in our corner of the world and beyond.

First off as a member of Rotary International our club is involved with:

  • Stopping disease.
  • Improving the environment.
  • Creating economic opportunities.
  • Promoting literacy.

The most public project Rotary International is involved with is eradicating Polio. Rotary members have helped immunize over 2 billion children worldwide. It is nothing short of amazing. Learn more at: www.rotary.org/endpolio

Here are some recent examples of Rotary’s service before self motto from our clubs here in Missoula.

  • Watson’s Children Center
  • Missoula Pool
  • Who’s Who Revue.
  • Over a two week period approximately 4-tons of clothing, shoes and other items were gathered, sorted, packaged and sent to Joplin, MO.
  • Youth Exchange – Abaki Beck – 2011 – Rotary sponsored student exchange year in Belgium.
  • Dictionary Project - every fourth grader in Missoula County gets a special dictionary presented to them from a Rotarian.    
  • Hearing aid project
  • School Books to Africa project
  • Water Project Africa
  • Graduation Matters Missoula

Each of the three Missoula Clubs has wonderful examples of service above self. These are not projects done by one individual. The power of Rotary is not in any one person but in the more than 33,000 clubs and 1.2 million members.

Each member finds a way to contribute. Every little bit makes a difference. So whether you are looking to develop a major Rotary initiative such as delivering hearing aids to 3rd world countries or a small one such as once a year taking an hour to visit with 4th grade classrooms to give the gift of a dictionary you’ll find a place at a Missoula Rotary Club.

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