It is better to give AND receive.

The motto of Rotary is service above self. A past President of Rotary international once said that true happiness comes from serving others.

Rotary wants to attract members who want to give of themselves. The good feeling that comes from helping others is the big perk!  But there’s more…

Rotary perks:

  • Travel almost anywhere in the world and have local Rotarians welcome you.
  • Exposure to interesting people right here at home. It’s all too easy to get stuck in our own world and routine, being involved with Rotary is to be involved with the best Missoula has to offer.
  • Good food! Breakfasts at Blue Canyon, lunch catered by Two Sisters or appetizers and drinks at Jaker’s.
  • Interesting talks and presentations. In the last 6 months Rotary Clubs have had presentations on a water project in Africa, a nursing facility in Haiti, Montana’s natural history, a student’s year long exchange in Belgium, the Rocky Mountain Ballet’s trip to China, veteran’s support and counseling in Missoula County and much more. The topics are endless, presentations are weekly and they will keep you coming back for more.
  • Business to Business networking – ultimately people buy from people they know and like. The Missoula Rotary Club is full of business owners, managers, civic and academic leaders. Give and you’ll receive.
    • Conor Smith – First Call Computer Solutions
      • Since getting involved with Rotary 3 years ago I’ve established new business relationships with 6 new clients owned or managed by Rotarians!
  • Social events: Griz games, theater, concerts, University Productions, Missoula Children’s Theatre, Missoula Symphony, Osprey Games, poker Ttournaments, Wine tasting…there is plenty to be involved with if the time, place and activity line up with you!

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