People are joining Missoula’s Rotary Clubs.  What is Rotary?

Ryan Salisbury 

Engineer - WGM Group 

Rotary is a service club made up of 1.2 million members worldwide. Rotarians volunteer their time, talent and resources to serve their communities and the world. Learn more at 

Your father’s Rotary Club or even his father’s Rotary Club was pretty vanilla in terms of its membership and it demanded time, money and considerable involvement from its members. With fewer opportunities and fewer demands it was easier to answer the call.

Greg Beach

President-Beach Transportation-Rotarian

The Rotary Clubs of Missoula are trying to make Missoula and the world a better place. We are just doing it a bit differently from the Rotary you might be familiar with. 

  • Our club has men, women, University students, young, established and retired professionals from all vocations.
  • It’s not just polio. Rotary is involved in literacy, water, international issues, local issues etc.

  • Guilt free meetings attendance. If you aren’t available you aren’t available.            

  • Different meeting times and places: Lunch, breakfast and happy hour meetings occur in Missoula every week

  • Everyone can be involved in their own way: some folks write checks, others attend meetings, others get involved in administration, others like the service projects, some only do things with an international focus etc. There aren’t rules any more for how to be involved or how much.

  • Stay connected with email, facebook, go to a monthly business networking event after work or attend a traditional meeting.

We are all busy.  Here are some examples of other busy Rotarians who are regularly involved in their own way in our clubs.

Jeff Birnbaum - Executive Director, Missoula Youth Homes

Greg Beach - President, Beach Transportation

Bob Minto - President, ALPS

Alex Apostle - Superintendent, Missoula County Public Schools

Larry Gianchetta - Dean, University of Montana School of Business Administration

Tim Furey

Montana State Representative
Opportunity Resources

Interested in joining one of Missoula’s Rotary Clubs. You can serve the Missoula community and the world with just a little bit of your time, money and resources